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A mockup of my new card game Dungeons & Flagons. Icon for my new game Space Camp Survivor. Gameplay of Space Camp Survivor, developed in Unity for iOS. A new boardgame I'm developing called Spy Train. A new boardgame I'm developing called Lizard People: Lords of the Media. The website that made me internet famous, A splash for an unfinished project called Tracer. Gameplay from my hit boardgame Province. Logo designs for a toy company in Los Angeles called Kess. Box art from an unfinished board game called Wanderers. The boxes to my boardgame 100 Swords. Gameplay from my board game 100 Swords. A limited editon playmat from my game 100 Swords. A gif I made for fun. The best breakfast sandwich I ever made. Gameplay from the boardgame Shadow of the Elder Gods. Character portraits from the boardgame Shadow of the Elder Gods. Promotional art from an unfinished project called Judo. Art for a game testing service called Lab Rats. Planets from an unfinished boardgame called Exo Empires. The logo to an unreleased digital game called Television.


Howdy, my name is Sam Strick. I'm a game designer, graphic designer, and illustrator.

I've been making digital and physical games since I was in elementary school, and they've always been a passion of mine. In the past, I've worked on casual, web, and iOS games for clients such as MTV, Disney, Lego, Paramount, and Colgate. I also co-founded a boardgame company called Laboratory.

I went to Parsons The New School for Design and got a BFA in Design and Technology, graduating with top honors. I've also studied at Temple University in Tokyo focusing on Japanese pop-culture media studies.

Everything on this site was designed and illustrated by yours truly.

I have a lot to say about games, what makes them fun, and why we play them. Feel free to hit me up if you'd like to talk or need something!